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Omani Stick
  • Omani Stick

    Wide range of Omani sticks available....


    The traditional walking stick, known locally as Assa or Khaizaran, is a cornerstone of Omani culture. These sticks, with their distinctive curved handles, are a staple at cultural events such as weddings and festivals. As emblems of heritage and pride, they complement the national attire, including the Dishdasha, Khanjar, and Mussar. In Muscat, Assas with silver handles and gemstone embellishments are especially favored. Crafted primarily from bamboo, these sticks are treated with special oils and adorned with engravings and metals like silver and copper, enhancing their allure.


    Omani sticks are crafted from various woods, with autm wood being a prominent choice due to its strength, moisture resistance, and attractive appearance.


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      Sultanate of Oman.


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