For the Omani gentleman, the Dishdasha is far more than just a garment it is a symbol of national identity as well as a mark of one’s individuality, Personality. The Dishdasha is worn with pride being an Omani. At Al Obaidani, we understand this and we take our Omani pride from the fact that we have been discerning Omani gentlemen’s needs for supreme quality Dishdashas which is skillfully cut for your desired and perfect fit and elegantly styled with skilled tailoring team with Ultra-modern machineries for well over fifty years now.

Our R & D team is evolving with the continuous research on the raw material selections and maintain the quality consistency by in house testing process for each shipment and existing stock before usage. The canvas selection which we are using for the dishdasha is a result of the research and development so we could develop one of the best quality of canvas with European company which brings neat and wrinkle free look on the front Dariz area of the Dishdasha. One special characteristic of this canvas is,making the Dariz area further smoothen and neat by after several home laundry washes, and peach touch of electric steam iron is enough for the ironing.


A garment that is within the traditions of Oman, a well-tailored Dishdasha offers comfort with elegance. While observing the sanctity of this national garment, we constantly innovate and explore possibilities to make the Dishdasha more comfortable and suited to seasonal changes while also offering signature styles that allow for a very individual statement.


With 40 outlets spread across Oman and few more to come by 2020, we reach out to customers throughout the country. Tradition and unique quality with a very personal touch - that’s our promise to you.