FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose different Dishdasha sizes in one order. You need to add measurements separately for the different user sizes in the ‘Submit measurement’ page under different names. Once you have done so, you must select the relevant measurement file for the designed Dishdasha at the ‘Select Measurement’ Page and insert the sizes.
At Al Obaidani, we have been the leading Dishdasha provider to Omani gentlemen for over 30 years. We have over 35 stores across the country. You are welcome to visit any of our stores, or contact us on our hotline and query about your order status if any unexpected delay has been caused.
Please call our hotline directly and let us know what changes you would like to make. As orders can go in production quite quickly, it is important that you do this as soon as possible so we can apply the changes to the order before your garments are cut.
On our website where you select the fabric color, you can read more about the fabric that we use for our Dishdasha. If you are an existing customer, you have most probably experienced our exclusive fabrics, otherwise you are welcome to visit our any store during our working hours to check new arrivals and special collections and to get a physical feel of the fabrics.
There are video user guides on the ‘How it works’ page where the order placing process is clearly demonstrated. Alternatively, you may contact (call) our help desk for any time for further guidance.
You may use our guide images at ‘Submit Measurement’ page and measure your well fitted Dishdasha by using a measuring tape. Please follow the exact instructions given and provide your measurements in inches.
Firstly you need to select the design for the Dishdasha. In relation to the measurements you have two options. You can check by contacting us through our hotline if the customer you wish to gift is an existing customer, and if so, we would have their measurement profile on our system. If not, the second option is to provide us with an existing Dishdasha for the customer you wish to gift, which we will use to base the measurements. We can deliver the Dishdasha to their doorstep if you wish for us to do so by providing us with the correct address details and selecting the home delivery option (delivery is currently limited to Muscat only).